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Florida Criminal Defense



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Why Choose The Arroyo Law Firm?

We Bring More Than Just Experience and Skill
We Bring Passion and Dedication Focused on You

At The Arroyo Law Firm, our passion is to zealously advocate for our clients after a criminal arrest and accusation made by the government. We believe the constitutional rights we have in this country are sacred; rights which are founded on the principles of Freedom and Liberty. 

At our firm, our clients are our highest priority; which is why the firm's culture is centered on exceptional customer service, communication, attention to detail, and superior legal performance.

When the government attempts to take your Freedom and Liberty during a criminal case, The Arroyo Law Firm will be there to fight hard, make sure your rights are protected and that due process of law is administered in accordance with the United States and Florida Constitutions. 

We know the anxiety and worry a criminal accusation can cause to individuals and their families, which is why we strive to swiftly and diligently seek the best possible resolution in your case from the moment of arrest all the way to jury trial if necessary

The Team

Phillip Arroyo, Esq. 

Managing Partner


Josephine Arroyo, Esq.


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Practice Areas

Practice Areas


Assault, Battery, Stalking, Culpable Negligence, and Violation of Injunctions


Dan Mitchell


Noah Patterson


Tess Anderson


Assault, Battery, Stalking, Culpable Negligence, and Violation of Injunctions

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Traffic Offenses

Fleeing To Elude, 

Racing, Reckless Driving


Sex Crimes



of Criminal Record

maxim-hopman-PEJHULxUHZs-unsplash (2).jpg

Violent Crimes, Homicide, Murder and Manslaughter

Image by Max Fleischmann

Driving Under The Influence

Image by Sasun Bughdaryan

Theft Crimes

Image by Harry Shelton

Violation of Probation

Image by Sandy Millar

Domestic Violence

Image by Eyasu Etsub

Burglary Trespass

Image by Rock Staar

Robbery with a Firearm


Juvenile Offenses

Image by Alexander Grey

Drug Offenses, Drug Trafficking, possession of Controlled Substance

Image by Jay Rembert

Weapons Offenses

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Posted by Brenda
March 4, 2022

All Charges DISMISSED!!!! As a former police officer, I am very selective in retaining criminal counsel. I needed the assistance of an assertive and qualified attorney for a family member that had a negative experience with the police in Central Florida and needed legal representation immediately. Attorney Arroyo cleared up all charges quickly!!!! Everything Dismissed! So glad we retained him. Attorney Arroyo understands the elements of Criminal Law inside and out. Attorney Arroyo patiently articulated everything we needed to know about the case and promptly responded back to us immediately with any questions we had for trial. Definitely keeping Attorney Arroyo on retainer for any future legal assistance needed. Attorney Arroyo thank you very much for your excellent service!!!!!

Hard working, dedicated, compassionate, and a God sent. So much more I want to say about the Arroyo Law Firm but to sum it all up greatest Law Firm ever. The Arroyo Law Firm will work hard for you and even go beyond what you ask. I’ve been fighting my case for almost a full year, the whole time with Arroyo by my side. And I’m honored to say he has come through for me and has given me back my life. If you are ever in trouble and need a Law Firm willing to fight for you and help give you your life back go with Arroyo.

Posted by Angel
June 14, 2022

The Best!!!!!! Attorney Philip Arroyo brought me back to life. We couldn't be more grateful. He was assigned to the case of my son who was being falsely accused of some serious crimes. He worked hard on the case and kept his promises and got all serious charges DISMISSED. We did not go to pre-trial as promised. Philip Arroyo is the lawyer you are looking for. Also, totally bilingual. I highly recommend him and will be eternally grateful. Thank you very much Mr. Phillip!!! El licenciado Philip Arroyo me devolvió la vida. No podríamos estar más agradecidos. Se le asignó el caso de mi hijo que estaba siendo acusado falsamente de delitos graves. Trabajó duro en el caso y cumplió sus promesas y logró que todos los cargos graves fueran DESESTIMADOS. No fuimos a juicio como prometió. Philip Arroyo es el abogado que estás buscando. Además, totalmente bilingüe. Lo recomiendo ampliamente y estaremos eternamente agradecido. ¡¡¡Muchas gracias Lic. Phillip Arroyo!!!



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We'll get through this together.

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